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Things I am Selling (Jan 2011)

I’ll update with prices once I determine them. Feel free to make offers.

iPad 64GB + 3G with:

  • Carbon fibre look case
  • Faux leather case
  • Hard clear plastic back
  • Screen protectors (x2)
  • Third party camera kit (USB port and SD card slot in one dongle)

$700 (firm)

Fuji S5 Pro camera body (review) with:

  • Nikon MB-D200 battery grip
  • Extra battery

What the heck is an S5 Pro, you say? It’s a DSLR released by Fuji featuring their SuperCCD, which is a hexagonal array of sensors with another hexagonal array of smaller sensors squeezed in between. The extra sensors capture highlight information (3 stops) giving this camera a better dynamic range than even the Nikon D3. Also, Fuji’s color processing is so good that you can shoot JPEG and get beautiful skin tones with no effort. My problem with this camera is that the stated resolution of 12MP is basically wrong. There are 12M sensors, but 6M are “normal” and 6M are for the highlight information. Also, since it’s a hexagonal sensor, your raw processing software ends up having to interpolate a rectilinear image, so sharpness isn’t bang on. If you are a sports shooter, the camera will do 3fps max, so don’t get it. If you are starting out with DSLRs, it will make you think you’re a great photographer. 🙂 I’m including the tethering software.

Nikon D300 (review).

Nikon D700 (review).

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  1. The D300 and iPad have been sold.

    April 27, 2011 at 5:54 pm

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