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Help-Portrait 2009

I learned about Help-Portrait through a coworker. It is a North America-wide event where people including photographers, editors, and makeup artists get together to provide professional portraits to anyone for free. I was skeptical at first, but photographer and founder Jeremy Cowart’s intro video made it clear that a professional portrait session really makes people feel special.

Help-Portrait-8432Javier Salazar (pictured) and Lillian Patz organized the Edmonton Help-Portrait event, which happens everywhere in North America in multiple locations per city. You may remember December 12th as having been Edmonton’s record-breaking coldest day, and that definitely had an impact on how many people showed up to do a portrait.

In between clients, I snapped a few portraits of some of the great volunteers who came to help the photographers and hand out food and drinks to our clients, as well as the other photographer with whom I was swapping customers, Steve Osborne. There was even an outbreak of Edmonton’s Next Top Model fever.

I’m really looking forward to doing this again next year. It’s a great event, and if you’d like to sponsor it, please let me know.